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Many STD clinics, family planning, and community health centers do not deliver test results in a patient-centric manner. Many clinics deliver results only in-person or during certain hours, or have a stress-inducing policy of "we'll call you if it's positive." Some clinics are beginning to remedy this by delivering STD test results online, but often present patients with unintelligible results like "syphilis RPR reactive."

The inconvenience and confusion of these common methods of test result result delivery may lead patients to be less willing to get tested in the future and may decrease the probability that positive patients will receive and understand their results and be linked to care.

Furthermore, traditional in-person or phone-based test result delivery can take up considerable clinic staff time, and is subject to human error.


Private Results is an open-source STD test result delivery system that is built on three principles:


Test result delivery systems should educate and empower patients

We don't just give patients their results - we make it easy for patients to understand what their results mean and take the next steps for their health. Results are delivered online or on the phone, in English or in Spanish, 24/7.


Test result delivery systems should make life easier for providers and health departments

We make it easy for providers to see which patients need to be followed up with and to automatically generate reports. And we include a clinic-controlled API to make it easy for a clinic to share aggregate data in real-time with their city and state health departments.


We will only combat this epidemic if we start open-sourcing and collaborating

Private Results is an open-source project, meaning that the majority of the code will be able to be downloaded for free. Clinics customizing the system and third-party apps wanting to integrate with Private Results will be able to easily contribute to the project, causing it to grow and improve organically over time.

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Patient view


Patients log on with a numerical username and password that they get at the clinic.


Patients then view their results and are told what next steps to take.


Patients with positive results will be given information about which partners to notify and linked to So They Can Know, which will help them tell their partners.


All patients will be able to set retesting reminders for themselves, which can be customized to protect patient privacy.

Provider view


Providers log on with their organizational email and password.


If a provider or health department has multiple clinics in their network, they can choose which clinic's data they want to view.


Providers can view analytics about how patients are using the system and the incidence of STIs in their network.


Providers can also view data about individual labs and patients, so they know who to follow up with.


The settings page allows clinics to customize many of the features of Private Results, add new users, and track who is accessing the data.

About Us

The is a project of the 501(c)3 non-profit Sexual Health Innovations. Sexual Health Innovations is dedicated to transforming sexual health and wellbeing in the United States through human-centered design and technology. The non-profit has successfully created multiple websites before dealing with sensitive issues in sexual health and wellbeing, such as the STD partner notification website So They Can Know.

Sexual Health Innovations is piloting Private Results with the Baltimore City Health Department. If your clinics or health department is interested in adopting Private Results, contact us using the form below.

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